Even when you run your business with integrity and honesty there can be issues that arise between employees and their employer.

If this should happen to you it will be in your best interest to have a compromise agreement document on hand.Can you sue your bank, can I make you pay are the questions you want to avoid at any costs. This document will help you settle any claims that an employee could be making. We have our compromise agreement and other business templates drafted by a solicitor. This means that you can depend on our compromise agreement template to be reliable and legally binding. You will find that our compromise agreement can be customized so that it meets your specific needs.

This template can be used again and again as you need it. If there are any revisions needed to update the template you can be sure that you will receive them as soon as they are available. There is no charge for the updates if and when they are needed. We also are very confident that you will be completely satisfied with the compromise agreement; however, if you aren’t we offer a one hundred per cent money back guarantee.

Our prices for the compromise agreement will please you as they are considerably less than what you pay a high street solicitor. For the small price of £19.95 you can have the compromise agreement downloaded into your computer. If you require other business documents you can also find those on our web site. When you choose to purchase a subscription you will have access to all the templates in the Employment section for just £49.95. This means that you can have any employment document at your fingertips whenever you need it. All of the templates in our Employment section have been drafted by a UK solicitor, so you can feel comfortable purchasing our easy to use templates.
If you have an employee that is leaving your employment and there are claims to be settled you would use the compromise agreement. This template document covers both a claim from the departing employee against the business and any claims the business may have against the employee.

An employee must have a meeting with an independent source that provides legal advice. They will advise them on the compromise agreement document and issue a certificate stating that the advice has been given. The advice is to state that the solicitor told the employee that when they sign the compromise agreement they are relinquishing any rights they have to any claim they had against the business. The solicitor will also tell the employee that once the compromise agreement is signed they can no longer pursue the claim ever. This works both ways as well and the solicitor will explain that when the compromise agreement is signed the business can’t pursue any claims against the employee either. If there was any benefit the employee was entitled to in a consultancy agreement the solicitor will also advise the employee on what would be granted to them.

Our solicitors are schooled in employment law so that our compromise agreement is current and legally binding once it is signed by both parties.

It is inevitable that problems will arise if you are in business for any length of time, so don’t wait until you need a compromise agreement to purchase one. We make it easy for you to use it and buy it online. The price will save you money and you can be sure that it is comprehensive and reliable.
When you are filling out the compromise agreement you want to be sure to include any history and documentation that you have that relates to the redundancy or dismissal.